Bass is the foundation of music.  Without it, all of the weight and texture that makes instruments in the recording sound real is lost.  Imagine a subwoofer improving the performance of your speakers, making them sound more expensive than they are.   Instruments would have better dimension and timbre, sounding more natural.  With it's original and unique design, the LCH subwoofer not only produces bass with impact and authority, but delivers on the promise of enhancing your main speakers (no matter the price) like nothing else you've heard.  It's more than a subwoofer... it's the foundation.


LCH has developed a novel enclosure geometry, producing a new waveform architecture, acoustically amplifiing the bass waves. The result of this patented design is a subwoofer capable of delivering unrivaled high fidelity lower octaves.  Limited range and full range speakers alike benefit from the LCH technology which intrinsically blends with your existing loudspeakers to transform the system with unparalleled low range pitch definition and improved midrange detail.  Want to transform your inexpensive bookshelf speakers or improve your exotic full range towers?  LCH is the answer.   It's the best bass available at any price.


LCH subwoofers are made with the precision of an orchestral instrument, intricately constructed using only superior components, sustainable engineered wood panels, premium exotic veneers and sculpted natural cork horns.  At only a 16" cubed for the Model B1610 and a 14" cubed for the B1408, they take up little space.  And with your choice of three standard colors and a variety of custom finishes upon request, you'll have a performance product with amazing fit and finish.


Used in conjuction with your existing amplifer(s) or one of your choosing, LCH subwoofers have numerous application possiblities.  They are ideally suited for anything from music and theater systems to pro audio.  The form factor allows for different stacking geometries, utilizing multiple subs to generate more sonic impact and weight in your home or for large venues.   The LCH has greater output than any other subwoofer in its class, so when you're ready to jam, you can play it loud without sacrificing the hallmark of its detail.


The World's First Acoustically Amplified Subwoofers


What exactly is it?


It might be best to start with what it's not.   It's not a vented/reflex design.   It's not a band pass.   It's not a waveguide.  It's not a transmission line.  It's not just a woofer inside a box with two horns.


The LCH's woofer fires into an interior chamber using a network of nested horns, calculated and constructed to create a profusion of fractal waveforms.  This unique design is called Dual Horn Compression Chamber (DHCC™), a patented technology exclusive to LCH.


While others in the audio industry abandoned the enclosure geometry in pursuit of driver perfection, LCH made the enclosure geometric design a central focus.  A single concealed 10” woofer deep in the cabinet fires into the acoustic compression chamber and is folded towards the listener through a pair of vertical cork horns, amplifying the sound and reducing power requirements, creating more dB per cc than any other design.  Our DHCC™ enclosure is tuned like a fine instrument,  conditioning the ouput with astounding performance.    


Pairing with any loudspeakers is seamless.  Where most subwoofers require a crossover set well into the bass operating range to remove the anomalies which contaminate the upper frequencies, the LCH creates such a linear response well into the midrange, a traditional crossover,  DSP and EQ are unnecesssary.  A single induction coil rolls off the frequency at 6db per octave at 250Hz.  After two octaves, the response is flat out to 2500hz.  The result is an uncanny ability to render unrivaled bass fidelity but also improve midrange coherance even with the best full range speakers.   Hard to believe?  Just listen.



LCH Audio is an acoustic engineering company reshaping the audio industry.  We want to enrich people’s lives through the joy that music brings, and, in this way, help preserve and restore hi-fidelity for the 21st Century.  We are delivering a new level of clarity, power, and precision previously unavailable. Bass is the most difficult part of audio reproduction and we have created a great American subwoofer that has to be heard to be believed.

Our technology is the result of many years of critical listening and experimentation to effectively transform bass response. The proprietary design transforms what is possible in the home, in the studio or on the stage. Making a speaker like an orchestral instrument is the first principle to unlock great sound, and it is why I started LCH Audio.
Mark Menendez
1334 Brittmore Road
Houston, Texas 77043
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