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What exactly is the LCH subwoofer?


If you're familiar with  typical subwoofer designs in the marketplace, it might be best to start with what it's not.   It's not a vented/reflex design.   It's not a band pass.   It's not a waveguide.  It's not a transmission line.  It's not just a woofer inside a box with two horns.  Forget what you know about subwoofer design.


LCH's woofer fires into an interior chamber using a network of nested horns, calculated and constructed to create a profusion of fractal waveforms.  A single 10” woofer fires into the acoustic compression chamber and is folded towards the listener through the vertical  horns.  This unique design is called Dual Horn Compression Chamber (DHCC™),  a patented technology exclusive to LCH. 


A single induction coil rolls off the frequency at 6db per octave at 250Hz.  After two octaves, the response is flat out to 10,000hz.  That's not a misprint.  The enclosure literally takes a driver which, according to manufacturer specs, cannot product sound above 450hz, and creates flat response out to 4 1/2 octaves above.  The result is an uncanny ability to render unrivaled bass fidelity but also improve midrange coherance even with the best full range speakers.   Hard to believe?  Just listen.





The World's First Acoustically Amplified Subwoofers


Subwoofer manufacturers have spent  years trying to solve the problems of integration with main speakers. The primary issue is correcting for differences in harmonic overtones created by the woofer which are largely incompatible with those of the midrange drivers.   There's also the issue of subwoofers creating  overloads and drops at certain frequencies within the room.  The solutions are sophisticated (better drivers, quiet enclosures, equalization, digital signal processing), and have admittedly improved integration substantially.  Yet, every one of these solutions works to correct the initial problems after they have occurred.  And they don't really solve the problems.


The "accordian wall" within the LCH sub uses a series of nested horns, in essence behaving  like a pipe organ.   The sound waves generated inside the enclosure are almost fully developed by the time they reach the outer horns.  This creates a contained and predictable environment for the frequencies to develop.  The incredibly accurate response generates overtones which blend seamlessly with upper range drivers.  It also allows the sub to more easily work in a wider range of enviornments by eliminating many node problems. 

This is all done acoustically and without the aid of any electronics.   





Going Beyond Bass 


The LCH subwoofer is the first of many products which will be developed.  Smaller subwoofers are in the works, but the tech will also be adapted for licensed use in existing loudspeakers.  Beyond consumer electronics.  The acoustic "engine" used inside LCH subwoofers has applications in both projecting and receiving sound.   This allows for a broad range uses which can revolutionize huge markets.  Contact LCH Audio for more details about upcoming projects and licensing. 


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